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  1. Notebook Mini Netbook vs Laptop

    A Notebook is another name that is used to refer to a laptop. The very first laptops which made an entry in the market in the early 90’s were a miniaturized version of the desktop. It added mobility to the computer which could be used only at a place close to the power socket. It also was made up of a big cathode ray screen, a tower, keyboard and mouse. All these components put together took a lot of space and needed a desk to keep them on. Hence the name desktop.

    A laptop however put all these components into one frame. You had the screen, motherboard, keyboard and mouse integrated into a single frame. This frame could be folded like a notebook and carried anywhere you go. Thus it was named the notebook or as well all know it the laptop. A Notebook also had a built in supply of power in the form of the laptop battery. Which meant it was not dependent on a wall power supply socket at all times, those are hard to find out in the open. It could hold a charge in its battery which could be used anywhere you wanted until the battery was discharged laptop stands.

    After the laptop came another improvement known as the Notebook mini. The notebook mini is also referred to as the netbook. The notebook mini is an even smaller version of the laptop. It usually comes with a 10 inch screen. However the notebook mini was not manufactured to replace the laptop. With the growing popularity of social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, and consumers finding a way to express their thoughts and ideas through blogs. There was a need for instant updates and access to the internet on the go. The laptop was capable of doing this however users found the laptop too heavy to carry around.

    The notebook mini or netbook is very light as it has a smaller screen, keyboard and does not come with an optical drive. The absence of an optical drive which drains out the battery led to power saving. This meant the manufacturer could further decrease the weight of the netbook by using a 3 cell battery instead of a 6 cell one found in laptops.

    The netbook also takes advantage of the widespread deployment of technologies like WIFI and 3G internet connections. Each netbook has built in WIFI and 3G which make it truly wireless and can be used to access the internet on the go.

    Hence if you spend a lot of time using the internet a mini notebook is just the gadget you need